To encourage diversity and equal opportunity and allow a free flow of labor, knowledge, and ideas across borders to anywhere where merit and expertise are recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age, or race.

3B Group MMC Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape. The company’s vision is to make global education dreams come true with our committed and trusted, immigration and Consultancy, guidance and best visa provider. We devise Overseas education that is of the highest quality to aspiring students.

We are here to drive the youth to discover their potential; a potential that will make the world value them. Ours envision being the most trusted name in Education & Career, 3B Group MMC and Consultancy offering comprehensive 24*7 support Immigration and Consultancy mechanism sans all hassles and financial worries.


We see a future world where countries seamlessly integrate a great influx of immigrants because of a global rising shortage of skills and workforce. Our efforts would be to train the best talent and help people in their great journey of immigration to meet success in their chosen objectives.

We aspire to be the best, most reliable and most preferred brand in Consultancy.
Our aim is –

To clear all the doubts and myths of students about overseas education through our counseling services
To recommend right course of study for the right candidate through analyzing their skill, competency and financial background
To Provide our clients with best-in-class immigration services that exceed clients’ expectations
To be fully accountable and responsible for service delivery to uphold the trust of millions
To keep abreast with changes happening in the world and continuously improve our solutions for maximum gains of our client
To be open and transparent with our stakeholders