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3B Groups MMC Consultancy Services is one of the most renowned best and trusted immigration consultant & study abroad consultants in Islamabad , Lahore Pakistan, Dubai, Poland & Baku (Azerbaijan). We have a successful track record of many years for offering excellent education consultancy services in Study abroad, Student Visa, Immigration, Business Migration, Skilled visa, Family and Visitor visa, and corporate entrepreneur work visa.

We provide Study and Immigration consultant services in Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and UK Consultant. We are competitive, up-to-date and honest visa consultants who advise to our clients which are interested in study abroad, visit or permanently migrate overseas and need to obtain a valid visa for that matter.

We assess your profile thoroughly and guide you with selecting the most suitable visa category based on your credentials and prepare your visa application to get you the best results. We extend our expertise as education consultants to you to keep you at ease throughout the process and strive to make the complicated procedures hassle free for you. Do contact us for top quality services.

Best and Licensed Immigration Consultants in Islamabad, Lahore , Dubai , Poland , Baku (Azerbaijan)

We are one of the very few overseas registered migration agents offering authentic services in the industry which is one of the many reasons for our clients’ trust and loyalty towards our services.

Our Expertise lies in:

1) Skilled Migration to Australia and Canada
2) Study Abroad Services
3) Germany Job Seeker Visa
4) Business Migration to Australia and Canada
5) Corporate Immigration Visa
6) Family Migration
7) Visit Visa

3B Group MMC, being the top immigration consultants, have the most professional and experienced staff, having expertise in the field of immigration. We prepare your visa applications to get you the best results.

In order to make your visa process easier, our immigration experts have the expertise to make your process hassle-free. Contact us for more details.

Study Abroad Consultants and Student Visa Advisors

 We offer best study abroad consultancy in Pakistan. We are competitive, up-to-date and honest, we have 500+ top-class universities for study abroad from all around the world and that,s what make us best education consultant in Pakistan.

Are You Planning to Study Abroad? We Have 9 Different Study Destinations To Choose From:

1) Australia
2) Canada
3) Germany
4) UK
5) USA
6) Azerbaijan
7) Germany
8) Spain
9) Malta


3B Group MMC is a professional education, immigration and visa Consultancy based in Islamabad Pakistan, experienced in placing the right visa applicant in the right visa categories and educational institutes. We specialize in providing admissions in various educational institutes and in a right career building course for the students who want to get higher education abroad. It is very important for applying any type of visa to have proper legal knowledge of required documentation and proper embassy form filling procedure. 3B Group MMC offers guidance to people wishing to effect a profound and lasting change in their life style, and also provide themselves and their families, with opportunities for a successful future. The environment and infrastructure of the developed countries is well equipped to meet the growing inflow of prospective students & migrants who take the initiative to Migrate, Study, Visit and Work. Our services are unique, because they are tailored to suit individual needs, offering support services for Formal Assessment of Skills, Language Testing, and Medical Checks etc. Hence, an applicant who utilizes our services not only achieves his desire to study abroad or emigrate but also acquires extensive information which allows him to integrate smoothly and embrace his future, making him proud to refer to his new country as ‘Home’.

Study Abroad: An Ancient proverb says, “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”. This adage holds true even today. Education is a timeless asset that can open innumerable doors of opportunity, both for individual as well as the nation. Each young person who enters the right field of study has the opportunity to proceed ahead and become an authority in his or her field of study. This individual symbolizes one more person with an enriched mind who can carry his or her own lives, businesses, country and humanity forward. We endeavor to help prospective students find the right educational institutions that fit their needs. To achieve this we have highly qualified staff that understands the exact requirements for each student. Up-to-date material for students to consult will help them plan their study programmer accordingly. Our aim is to help the students make the right decision. We endeavor to ensure that student have access to a range of services to enable them to familiarize with the knowledge and skills which are needed to make informed decisions. So that prospective students can continue with their learning quipped with the various alternatives available to them. We cherish excellence and integrity in the way we address every client’s need. Rest assured, We greatly value the time and investment of each prospective student and their parents, and will provide them with the highest level of personal and professional guidance. Students require more than admissions. We understand this and we provide a student with a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in various countries.
These include;

  • General/Practical guidance
  • Accommodation guidance
  • Driving rules for international students
  • International students and culture shock
  • Health facilities. Opening and running a bank account
  • Preparing to return home
  • Applying & preparing for study
  • Choosing the right course
  • Mobility and exchange schemes
  • Learning English
  • Study methods
  • Immigration rules
  • Immigration procedures
  • Working during study
  • Fees and student support
  • Financial hardship
  • Visa application
  • Visa procedures
  • Interviews
  • Extending stay

The range of our services includes guidance through every step of decision making process, from first consideration of studying abroad to the experienced itself. In a rapidly changing world, students find themselves in a maze of competitive and increasingly complex educational patterns; cultures and life styles can drastically change the lives of individual students. The diverse ranges of our services are supposed meet the growing needs of well-focused and ethical educational counseling. It includes the responsibility to understand each student’s special strength, values and needs. Our Aim is to provide the best Services to our Students and set a Standard for the market.
Specific services offered by us include;

General Counseling and Consultancy for study options available worldwide.
Career guidance as per individual’s aptitude.
Orientation Sessions for Prospective Students.
Conducting Counseling Seminars, Presentations, Exhibitions and Conferences.
To help prospective Student to choose the right Country to Study.
To help and guide the prospective Student to choose the right College/University and the right Course.
To help the prospective Student to make application for admission processing and guidance to full fills the pre-requisites of reputable College/Universities around the globe.
Student placement in Recognized, Reputable and Accredited Colleges/Universities.
Assist Students with their Admission Documentation, English Language Test Preparation and Interviews.
Scholarship and financial aid.
To Guide Students regarding Tuition Fee Payments, Documents required for Visa Case Submissions, Visa Processes and Embassy Interviews.
Arrangement of Accommodation, Airport Pick Up and Travel Arrangements.
Pre departure guidance.
Extension Applications and procedures for Continuing Students